Ch. Chimeric Canto Alla Vita Miamoca, CGC TDI HIC


DOB:  May 12, 2002
Am/Can. Ch. LaBarge's One Night Stand CD NA x Ch. Corsini La Palme d'Or


The name means "I sing to life" -- Maiya is the pick bitch of a breeding orchestrated by her parents.  Although I'd intended on keeping her here myself, her co-owner, Mary, fell in love with her when she came up to see the litter and I knew she would provide Maiya with a fantastic home. 

Sadly for our breeding program, Maiya had a health issue while in whelp -- we would have preferred she be spayed at that point, but her owner elected to carry on with the litter which was born in mid-December 2005.  We relinquished our co-breeding and allowed her to be leased outright for the litter.   We still co-own Maiya, but she was spayed due to an emergency when her puppies were just a few days old.  She has recovered from that ordeal and by all reports is doing well.

Maiya now lives in TN where she is doted upon and adored.  She shares Mary with the cat, and several of her puppies. 


Mayia's Pedigree