DOB:  February 25, 1996     Breeders:  Leif & Åsa Granlund

Nee-Nee   Our foundation bitch.  Bred only once, to Can. Ch. Klaar Perfect Guilder, the result was fantastic dogs with good type who are up to anything.  My mistake with Nevis was believing an eye specialist when he said she had cataracts (he'd been right on other dogs I've known so...).  I did the right thing and spayed her...and did the wrong thing by not getting that all important second opinion before the spay.  Never again will I make that mistake.  I finally had her checked, almost 3 years after the diagnosis.  No cataracts whatsoever.  So she will continue to have laser tracking on those tennis balls for many years to come!***

Nevis is the undisputed Queen of our household & I treasure her...even if she can be a royal PITA sometimes!  Leif & Åsa win the bet regarding her CD -- she is way too much of a busybody, even at 9 years of age for me to try trialing her yet!  Maybe when she's 11??

Thanks to Hexen House for letting me take 'their' bitch back to the US to start my breeding program.

*** in 2007 though, after an eye exam at age7 which showed only a single punctate cataract, at age 10, she has cataracts in both eyes.



Nevis  &  her daughter, Xena

Oil on rock painting of Nevis done by the very talented Cathy Moar - visit her website!