Our lives have been enriched by living with & loving our Belgians. 
We celebrate their lives & memories and they live on...always in our hearts

 Ch. ThreeRivers Chimeric At Last
March 28, 2005 - July 15th, 2008

She brought us to the heights...and the lows.  Willow had a 'once-in-a-lifetime' show career with 3 five point back-to-back majors, we had very high hopes for her in both the show ring and whelping box. 
Sadly, Willow began to seizure at just under two years of age and in spite of the very best efforts of her devoted owner and talented doctors, her seizures were unable to be controlled...the longest interval she had was almost three weeks. 
Willow taught us a lot...about joy and sorrow. 
She had an incredible soul, was very opinionated and vocal, loved to steal food and she is finally free to move with her beautiful floating gait once again.

Am/Can Ch. LaBarge's One Night Stand, CD NA
May 1993 - November 2004

Another 'once-in-a-lifetime' type dogs, Antigua was a sweet doofus of a dog who often greeted people with a stuffed toy in his mouth.  A multiple herding group winner and placer, he was a wonderful showman.  Sire of 5 litters, he has offspring that have done well in the breed ring,  performance venues, and most of all, being excellent companions to their family...as he himself was.


Chimeric Allez Allez
December 7, 1998 - March 31, 2004

She was the soul-mate of her co-owner, Andrea.  Major pointed, she was taken from us all too soon due to complications from pyometra.  The 'Aerobics Instructor' of her household, she kept the other canine residents of Peloton in top physical shape.

Ch. Kiosan's Ariadne, CGC TDI
September 1997 - May 2001

She was the beloved companion of Wendy & BT Butler and she too, set a standard for all to follow.  Their first Belgian, she was their true introduction into the world of showing dogs.  Although Wendy did not like to go in the ring, she was holding Princess' lead the day she completed her Championship.  That's a grand memory for all of us.  She was stricken far too soon by cardiac problems and taught us the importance of heart clearances in our breeding program.  Thanks Princess, you've helped our dogs have healthier futures.


Reverie's Sparklin' Seabreeze, NA
November 1992- March 2002

Statia was Bill's dog...she adored him and the feeling was mutual.  One of their finest moments was winning the 20" agility class at the 1996 ABTC specialty.  We were so very proud.  A strong personality, Statia was one-of-a kind.  She generally 'did not play well with others' but she adored Saba, Antigua and Kitt.


Ch. Faux pas de Mon Plasir, CGC
June 1991- September 2000

Our first Tervuren, we couldn't have asked for a better introduction to the breed.  She was the sweetest, happiest Belgian we've ever met...and we realize now what an exceptional character she had, we hope to have another like her someday.  For Saba, dog shows were parties held in her honor...and planes were to be chased.  We used to live in the flight path of the NYC airports  --  I hope you've finally caught yourself a big one Saba!




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